In the course of pursuing knowledge, teenage boys and girls are also very conscious of their own appearance. Wearing earrings is a snappy fashion practice among adolescents. Accessorizing yourself with the right pair of earrings does not just make you look fair, but it also represents your beaming sense of independence and esthetic vision, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly – stunning and ravishing. Earrings-wearing can also be a never-ending topic for you and your peers to discuss and share about each one’s wearing habit and preference, accompanying each other through the youth and growth in this prime of life.

Youth is definitely priceless, so is your health. If you want a healthy and good-looking piercing, you should not neglect the piercing aftercare and also any slant of piercing positions and angles, or else it may affect the health and worse still the appearance of your piercing. ISABELLA Ear-Piercing Esthetics is safe and reliable, with heavy stress on the precision of position and angle, so that you can swimmingly embark on your journey of fashion and the quest for health and beauty.

Q & A


Can we fly on a plane after getting a piercing?

While it is allowed to fly on a plane after you get a piercing, it is recommended to get a piercing after you come back instead to avoid injuring your piercing during the course of travel. There will also be a longer time for the piercing to get stabilized, and it would be easier to handle any possible discomfort and problems after piercing.  If you need to study abroad or take a long-haul flight, you may consider bringing a small bottle of care solution on board for cleaning and sterilizing purpose.


How thick is the piercing-earring post?

ISABELLA use earrings with posts of a standard thickness of 0.75mm. This not only ensures the proper air flow over the piercings, but the piercings would also appear thin and less conspicuous.  If piercing-earrings with thicker posts are used, the large piercing hole might be easily noticeable whenever you are not wearing any earrings after its stable formation. The ease to put on earrings relies on whether the position and the angle of piercing are precise enough, as precision piercing technology advocates balance and comfort. Besides, a healthy piercing would make it easier to put on earrings too.

To sustain a healthy piercing, maintain proper aftercare steps to reduce the chance of infection. During the healing process, gently rotate the earrings so that a perfect round piercing can be formed and make it easier to wear earrings afterwards. After the healthy formation of the piercing, you can choose to wear earrings with thicker or thinner posts. Be aware that piercing may stretch or enlarge as a result of wearing heavy earrings or those with thick posts for a long time. Therefore you may consider light-weighted earrings with thin posts in order to protect your delicate piercing as your lifelong partner.


Why do some people wear earrings that appear slanted and uneven? 

Each individual has a unique ear shape and structure, even the left one can differ a lot from its counterpart. It is thus important to customize the ear-piercing position according to the ear shape and needs of individuals.  As the symmetry and the leveling of the piercing holes would undoubtedly affect the overall appeal, professional ear-piercing technology depends heavily upon the principle of precision.


What are the steps in piercing?

Piercing by ISABELLA is safe and hygienic, each earring used for piercing is packaged individually in a capsule and completely sealed by aseptic process to ensure that the piercing-earrings, earring clutches, capsules and packing boxes are 100% sterilized in strict compliance with the USA FDA sterilization standards. Before piercing, we will clean and sterilize the piercing area, target the perfect location for piercing based on your face contour, ear shapes and the size and height of your ears. Upon your approval, our piercing specialist will then unseal the packing box, put the capsule on instrument and perform the piercing. Capsule will be disposed once used and the instrument will not touch the piercing areas. The whole process is highly safe and reliable.


Is incident of irritation or infection after ear-piercing common?   

The health condition of an individual, chiefly one’s wound-healing ability, determines the healing process of a new piercing. If any abnormal sign of redness, swelling or pain occurs after piercing, it is likely to be a symptom of infection or other problems. In order to largely diminish the chance of infection, a safety and hygiene guaranteed piercing process is crucial. You should pay special attention to proper personal care and carefully protect your pierced ears from injury as a result of bruising and straining. Do not remove your earring studs until a healthy piercing hole takes shape after healing time.


Shall I keep wearing my original piercing-earrings after healing?

In addition to its piercing function, ISABELLA nickel-free hypoallergenic piercing-earrings are ideal for everyday wear after healing to prevent your new piercings from closing and to enhance their stability and healthiness. 


What should I do if the piercing-earring is removed or falls out?

If this happens, bring the piercing-earring along with ISABELLA Aftercare Guidelines to our piercing specialist immediately. Our piercing specialist will then check your piercing and attempt to help you put the earring back on to prevent it from closure. If the piercing suffers severe bruising, visit the doctor at once.


What are the aftercare and subsequent follow-up steps needed after piercing?

Aftercare is vital to the formation of a healthy piercing. ISABELLA provides you with comprehensive guidance of the correct aftercare treatment. To prevent and reduce the possible discomfort arising from piercing, the first thorough assessment will be given one week after piercing. And after three months, a second assessment will be offered to examine whether the piercing heals healthily, in addition to further instructions on how to put on and off earrings properly. The piercing fee already includes the charges for the above service, with a bonus Aftercare Service to check for potential problems if any discomfort arises.


Can I get my piercing wet, like washing my hair, swimming or playing other sports?

Cleanse and sterilize your piercing immediately every time you wash your hair, swim or sweat excessively. It is all right to wet you piercing when showering, but you should be careful not to bruise or strain it with towel, nor get any hair product on it. It is advised not to swim or play any vigorous sports in the first week after piercing since the piercing holes may still be far from becoming stable.


How long do I have to wait before I can change my earrings after piercing?

Your piercing-earrings shall be left in the earlobe piercings for at least three months to prevent the piercings from injury or closure before healing. As helix piercings are somewhat more vulnerable to bruises / snags and bacterial infection, extra attention on aftercare and keeping the piercing-earring in a helix piercing for a minimum of four to six months continuously are necessary. The healing time required for a piercing may vary considerably for different people. Infection or any other discomfort may prolong the healing time. Do not change the earring on your own prior to an Ear Healing Check and a proper healing of your piercing.





Demonstrate your adolescent youth and spirit through the help of earrings with colorful crystals or balls. You can choose the piercing-earrings according to your own preference or school guidelines. ISABELLA piercing specialist would also provide you with professional recommendations on the suitable types of earrings based on your ear shape.

If you need to replace the piercing-earrings for school, please inform our piercing specialist before piercing. As the healing process of the piercing holes varies according to different people, it is advised to keep your earrings on for about four weeks and our piercing specialist would examine your piercing healing progress. If the healing progress is satisfactory, our piercing specialist would help you replace your earrings and offer you instructions on correct aftercare treatment. If you just stay in Hong Kong for a short period of time, be sure to perform the piercing as early as possible upon arrival. Receive guidance on proper aftercare treatment one week after the piercing and get another piercing assessment before leaving Hong Kong.

Cartilage Piercing is also gaining popularity too. Yet, cartilage is more vulnerable than earlobe, it should be handled with extra caution to avoid bruising and straining after piercing. Also, keep wearing the earrings for the first year after piercing in order to enhance the healing process and prevent the piercing holes from closing and infection. Only individuals with the age of 16 or above are eligible for cartilage piercing.

Discomfort for new piercings may arise with the lack of sufficient and proper aftercare, normally within the second month upon piercing or after the replacement of earrings. Before the piercing is formed, do not remove or replace the earrings. If the piercing-earring is removed or falls out, please bring it to our piercing specialist immediately along with ISABELLA Aftercare Card. We will then inspect your piercing and attempt to help you put the earring back on so as to prevent it from closure. If the piercing suffers severe bruising, seek help from the doctor at once.


ISABELLA understands that the skin of your piercing is fragile and recognizes the importance of choosing high-quality earrings. For this reason, ISABELLA is committed to improving the quality of earrings to perfection.

ISABELLA earrings are compliant with the European Union Nickel Directive.  We have specifically developed an up-to-the-minute range of Ultra-Fine Earrings that are lightweight and smooth with a fine post and solid clutch to protect your newly healed piercings in comfort and safety.

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ISABELLA has 40 years’ experience in piercing the ears of over one million satisfied customers throughout Asia, and is a market leader you can trust.

ISABELLA understands that each individual has a unique ear shape and structure, and is committed to an Ear-Piercing Esthetics which stresses a balanced and symmetrical positioning for each new piercing. With rich experience and precision piercing technology, we create perfect piercings to make you look your best in your fashion earrings. The ISABELLA Ear-Piercing Service not only complies with international hygiene standards, but also offers a range of hypoallergenic earrings as well as comprehensive Aftercare Service.


Precision Piercings

ISABELLA Ear-Piercing Esthetics stress a balanced and symmetrical positioning to create beautiful piercings that meet your personal ear-shape requirements, giving precise piercings to wear earrings and flatter your facial features.

ISABELLA offers many years of rich experience, proprietary technology and an ear-piercing team of skilled professionals, working to ISABELLA’s stringent ear-piercing standards, to deliver the most reliable world-class service.

Your piercings will be with you for a lifetime. So, whether you prefer earlobe or cartilage piercings, new piercings or re-piercings, ISABELLA will deliver to your personal requirements with professional care and attention as well as with aesthetic recommendations, to give you the perfect personalised ear-piercing experience.   

Safety & Hygiene Approval 

Our sterilized piercing-earring capsules are individually packed and sealed in the United States and comply with FDA sterilization standards. After use, all capsules are carefully disposed of in order to prevent any potential transmission of blood-borne diseases, including hepatitis B and HIV.

The hand-pressure piercing instruments we use operate smoothly and without excessive force from the spring. They provide safe piercing for both earlobes and cartilage and are recognized by WHO.   

Comprehensive Aftercare

ISABELLA is a market innovator in creating and delivering a comprehensive Aftercare Service to check and care for your piercings regularly. We use our proprietary technology and rich experience to help you keep your newly-pierced ears healthy while they heal properly.

Aftercare is vital to the formation of a healthy piercing. ISABELLA provides you with comprehensive guidance of the correct aftercare treatment. To prevent and reduce the possible discomfort arising from piercing, the first thorough assessment will be given one week after piercing. And after three months, a second assessment will be offered to examine whether the piercing heals healthily, in addition to further instructions on how to put on and off earrings properly.

Hypoallergenic Earrings

A nickel allergy is the most common metal allergy related to ear-piercing. It can be effectively minimized by the use of ISABELLA earrings which are made of medical-grade titanium and nickel-free karat gold, both of which comply with the European Union Nickel Directive. In addition to its piercing function, these earrings are ideal for everyday wear after healing to prevent your new piercings from closing and to enhance their stability and healthiness.

We use standard earring posts to enhance the healing process by allowing proper air flow and help the piercings appear thin and less conspicuous. Long earring posts are also available for thicker earlobes and cartilages.

Safety clutches are used exclusively for ear-piercing in order to shield the sharp pointed tips and keep distance between the piercing and the clutch for proper air flow. Hence, the ear-piercing earrings can be worn night and day by both children and adults.


Ear-hygiene formula that is gentle and effective in antibacterial action. Suitable for both newly pierced ears and post-healing protection to keep your piercing hygienic and healthy. ($120/250ml/8.5 fl. oz.)


The Ear-Piercing Esthetic Pack includes Ear-Piercing Esthetic Service, nickel-free hypoallergenic piercing-earring, plus a First Check after one week and an Ear Healing Check after three months.

Using medical-grade titanium nickel-free hypoallergenic piercing-earring $760 – $790 pair $380 – $395 single
Using 14K rose gold/ white gold or gold nickel-free hypoallergenic piercing-earring $960 – $1590 pair $480 – $795 single


Free ISABELLA coupons worth $300 after piercing.

Two Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic Earring coupons (worth $200) and an Aftercare Service (worth $100).

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For Ear-Piercing Esthetic Service :

You are welcome to walk-in our iSQUARE store for the Service during 11:30am – 8:00pm daily OR 11:30am – 2:00pm for infants who need two Ear-Piercing staff to provide the service simultaneously.

If you prefer to book an appointment in advance, please provide your name, preferred date and time via  WhatsApp / Facebook / E-mail or WeChat as listed below. Your appointment will be confirmed during office hours in the following day.


Customer Care

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Service Terms

  1. CLUTCHES. All safety clutches are made of medical-grade stainless steel.
  2. BEFORE PIERCING. All infants must have their DTP vaccinations completed in advance. Cartilage piercing service will only be provided to persons age 16 or over. Hypersensitive skin usually does not tolerate earring. If you have any concerns regarding a possible reaction from ear- piercing, consult an allergist and have an allergy patch test, if necessary, prior to piercing. If you are taking antibiotics, blood-thinning or other medications, have diabetes or sensitive skin, are pregnant, have a history of any other medical problem and / or complications due to ear-piercing, you should consult your doctor for guidance before piercing.
  3. RE-PIERCING. No refunds or exchange of earrings can be made after the ears are pierced. No charge will be made for re-piercing if this is necessitated due to product malfunction, staff negligence or technical error. Any request for re-piercing must be made within 14 (fourteen) days of the original piercing and to the original shop concerned and you must present your Aftercare Card or Aftercare Guidelines. If re-piercing is requested for any other reason, such as infection and / or non-acceptance of ISABELLA’s recommendation regarding the piercing position at the time of the original piercing, the full piercing fee will be charged.
  4. CARDS. The Aftercare Card and Aftercare Guidelines may be used only by the person named on the Card to obtain the service on appointed dates in Hong Kong, and during its period of validity only. The original Card must be presented before the service. A photocopy is not acceptable. A fee of HK$100 will be charged for the service without a valid Card on each occasion. If for any reason during the validity of the Card the customer is unable to avail himself / herself of the service or ceases to use the service, no charges paid will be refundable nor are the Card’s privileges transferable.
  5. RISKS. Ear-piercing involves some inherent risks, which may be associated with the health condition or habits of certain individuals, and / or the level of aftercare they administer to themselves. These risks include, but are not limited to, inflammation, contact dermatitis, infection, superficial cervical lymphadenopathy, exuberant granulation tissue, fainting, scars, keloids and other complications. If your piercing is inflamed and / or you experience any other discomfort, remove the earring and consult your doctor. Do this immediately in respect of cartilage piercing as cartilage can be more prone to redness, swelling, infection, permanent scarring, cartilage deformity and other serious complications.  ISABELLA bears no responsibility in case of injury, complications, allergic reaction from ear-piercing or any other discomfort, of any kind, that may be associated with ear-piercing.
  6. GENERAL CONDITIONS. ISABELLA reserves the right to provide or withhold the Ear- Piercing or Aftercare Service, to adjust prices and / or amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of ISABELLA shall be final and conclusive. In the event of any discrepancy and inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.